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We are looking for new recruits to join our growing team and dedicate themselves and show a passion towards caring for others.


65 Hours of Free Childcare

We offer 65 Hours of free childcare from Age 3 months to 3 years in our own nursery while you are working or training


Personal Care

Horizon Care Ltd are looking for new and young staff to help improve our business and develop the skills of staff who are new to the Health and Social care industry.


Homecare & Support

Horizon Care Ltd provide high quality homecare and support services to make sure clients are safe in their own home at all times.

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Health & Social Care Jobs Exeter

Job Opportunities


We are looking for Enablers to join our team, working in the Health Care Industry. An Enabler’s role is to enable our Clients to continue living in the manner they would like to. Therefore your duties can be very varied. So we are looking for confident people who are happy to undertake any role. You may be asked to carry out household duties, such as laundry and cleaning. You might accompany our Client to the shops and assist them with their shopping, or perhaps to an appointment. It could be that you will do the shopping for our Client. You could be walking out with them with their dog. You might be taking the dog for a walk. You may take them to the pictures, or the beach, or a local W.I. meeting. If you feel you can offer yourself for this very important role, please contact us on 01392 426340.

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Support Workers:

We are also looking for Support Workers within the Exeter area. Your work will be in the Clients’ homes. You will be carrying out personal tasks, such as washing and dressing and toiletting. You may be assisting with meal preparation and sometimes, feeding. Also meds. You will be expected to carry out small duties, such as bed making, changing bed linen, leaving the bathroom and kitchen clean and hygienic and sometimes dealing with laundry. You will receive full training, with Induction and Shadow Training. Whilst working you will continue with further training and attain your Care Certificate. We will encourage you to further your training to NVQ 2 in Health and Social Care. This important and very rewarding work will help Clients to stay in their own homes instead of being in a residential setting. Can you be the person to help people in their own homes? Then apply today.

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Senior Support Workers:

As a Senior Support Worker, your duties will be very similar to that of a Support Worker. You will carry out all the duties as a Support Worker, such as washing and dressing, toileting, seeing to meal preparation and feeding and dealing with meds. However, you will be expected to take on additional roles: i.e. supervising and monitoring Support Workers and reporting to the office.and also visiting Clients to ensure there level of care is correct. If you haven’t yet attained NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social Care, we will train you to that level. We will encourage further training. As well as knowing you are helping people in their own homes, you will also have the reward of helping other Support Workers to move forward in their own roles.
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Horizon Care Ltd are always looking for new and young staff to help improve our business and develop the skills of staff who are new to the Health and Social care industry. You should have a passion for helping other people as you will assist many people

  • Elderly
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers
  • Sleepwalking sufferers
  • People with sensory loss
  • People with disabilities

If you are eager to make a difference to people’s life and provide them with companionship and support for their day-to-day lives, then a job at Horizon Care Ltd will be a terrific opportunity for you.

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Being a care worker or enabler is a great way to start your path within the health and social care industry and we are always looking to introduce new staff and develop their skills at Horizon Care. For more information get in touch on 01392 927 892 or
apply today.

Horizon Care Ltd are always looking for new and young staff to help improve our business, apply today!

If you are interested in working for our company and want to help people stay safe in their own home and enjoy the activities of the outside world, get in touch today on 01392 927 892.