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We are looking for new recruits to join our growing team and dedicate themselves and show a passion towards caring for others.


65 Hours of Free Childcare

We offer 65 Hours of free childcare from Age 3 months to 3 years in our own nursery while you are working or training


Personal Care

Horizon Care Ltd are looking for new and young staff to help improve our business and develop the skills of staff who are new to the Health and Social care industry.


Homecare & Support

Horizon Care Ltd provide high quality homecare and support services to make sure clients are safe in their own home at all times.

To find out more about care services in Exeter call today on 01392 426 340

Health & Social Care Level 3

For people with slightly more experience having already worked in the health and social care industry, we have many jobs available that will also add a level 3 qualification to your repertoire. This option allows you to take on a slightly larger role at Horizon Care as we are always looking for experienced workers to come on board and improve our team.

All our jobs will give you the ability to train and develop within the workplace, whilst we will help identify what training you need to improve different skills.

Jobs We Have Available

Horizon Care Ltd have many roles available as we look to expand and improve our service continuously. We will help you find the right role in our team that suits your skills and interests. Our jobs that offer a level 3 qualification include:

Senior Carer/ Support Worker – This job will help people stay independent within their home and complete day-to-day tasks consistently. As a more experienced worker, you will also monitor other care workers to ensure they are providing the right service to each person and that they are always supportive.

Line Manager – Our line manager must be responsible for our care workers and ensuring that staff get the support they need and the service they provide is always at the highest standard.

Assistant Practitioner – As an assistant practitioner you will be working with qualified health care professionals and you will be able to grow your knowledge and skills working with a very experienced team.

Health care Assistant – In this role you will be able to support our team at Horizon Care under the guidance of a professional but not necessarily interacting with our clients in their home.

There are range of different level 3 qualifications that you can gain within these roles and we are happy to take everyone on board with enthusiasm, as long as they provide a service at a high standard to customers.

Contact Us

If you are interested in these roles and have experience working in health and social care in the past, then get in touch with us today. For additional information about our roles, call now on 01392 426 340.