About Horizon Care Ltd in Exeter

“Horizon Care Ltd do not want any loved ones growing old alone”.

Here at Horizon Care Ltd we care for the disabled and the elderly, to ensure that their daily tasks are taken care of. With our main focus being out clients, we make sure that their life is as simple as possible without losing their independence in their homes.

We are always looking for new, passionate staff to join our team and support all new starters within the health and social industry. We only ever take on staff that we believe will follow our work ethic and will keep all of our clients happy.

All of our new starters will be required to provide care in all personal matters and carry out domestic tasks that are requested. We also like to get as many people involved as possible in activities outside of their home and integrate all clients within their communities where they feel comfortable doing so. Being flexible with our clients and their requests, we always encourage them to stay active both in and out of their home.

Contact Us

If you are looking into joining our team and need more information, simply call us on 01392 426 340. If you have a passion for helping those in need, we can’t wait to hear from you.

Get In Touch Today On 01392 426 340

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Enabling & Caring

Horizon Care Ltd provide enabling and caring services that are compassionate and tailored towards each individual client that we look after. Being part of our team of carers, you will be fully trained and will be totally assisted in working on your individual skills.

We are always encouraging new staff members to join our growing team who have a strong passion for helping others. Each individual that joins us gets to grow and excel in their roles with various opportunities to flourish. To be a part of our team and support those in our community, get in touch to apply.

We support our clients to:

  • Stay as independent as possible in their own homes
  • Stay part of their surrounding communities
  • Be as active in public as possible
Horizon Care Health and Welfare In Exeter
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Horizon Care

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If you live within Exeter and the surrounding areas, you can apply for a position caring and attending to the elderly, those with dementia or anyone with learning or physical disabilities, who need our support.