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The cold months are coming and as always, it is important to check in on your loved ones! During the colder months, having company from family and friends is perfect for the elderly. It is always great to have people nearby visiting the elderly, even if this is for a short time.

Elderly people can easily suffer from loneliness without being visited regularly. You can always make a difference in your own time or by joining our team.

Importance of Visiting the Elderly

Visiting the elderly isn’t just important to keep them company, but can help in many ways. Whether they are staying in their own homes or in care homes, you can always be visiting to improve their day. Families, friends and neighbours can always make the effort to visit elderly loved ones, ensuring they are healthy, happy and have company as much as possible.

According to Age UK, more than 2 million people over the age of 75 live alone. More alarmingly, over 1 million say they go over a month without speaking to friends, family or neighbours. Anyone can become lonely but at an older age, this can become very tough. Whilst you can visit at any time, you should always be there for the elderly and loved ones during Winter.

Too many elderly people are not being visited frequently enough by family friends and neighbours. It only takes a small part of your day to keep them company and check in on the elderly. A small task that can go a long way.

Looking Out for Illnesses

During colder months and with Winter approaching, it is much more likely that you will develop illnesses. This is no different for the elderly and keeping an eye on the health of all loved ones could be vital to preventing illnesses from getting worse. With all people over 65 eligible for a free flu jab under the NHS, this can be a good option to maintain health. If you notice excessive sneezing, coughing or other signs or illnesses, our team can always advise you on the best options to take.

There are several ways to avoid illnesses such as making sure they are in warm and dry clothes. Hot drinks can also be very helpful, whether this is tea, coffee or hot chocolates! Hypothermia can lead to various problems, including heart attacks, making it important to keep the elderly warm.

Additionally, there were over 24,000 excess winter deaths in England and Wales in 2015/16. The elderly can be kept warm with many methods and should always be looked after during these months.

Offer to Help

Regardless of which little tasks they need to do, offering a helping hand can go a long way for all elderly people. As a neighbour or family member, it should be easy enough for you to visit and helping out with simple daily tasks can make a big difference.

Whether this is organising medicine, doing some shopping or making a cup of tea, anything can help. This will often mean their lifestyle is not restricted to the usual tasks. Whilst our staff members will help all elderly people we work with, when we are not there, it is great to have other people to change their usual schedule and keep them company.

Pop in Regularly

You may not need to stay at someone’s home for hours on end every day. However, visiting regularly will ensure they have no health problems and that you can assist with different tasks. Our healthcare staff will always visit patients whenever you require, ensuring you have our company and assistance in any tasks.

If you would like advice on how to care for the elderly, speak to our team about our health care services. Additionally, we are always looking to recruit new staff to join our team. If you are interested, visit our job vacancies page today.

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