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No matter what age you are, being a home carer is a fantastic opportunity. But what exactly does the role involve and what characteristics do you need to be a successful home carer? Horizon care are always recruiting new staff to join our team, so what does a home carer do?

Horizon Care Ltd have several roles available and are always looking for staff of any ages to join and excel in a role. Whether you would like to be a home carer, support worker or take on another part, we welcome all applicants.

Personal Care

As a home carer, your main responsibility is looking after and supporting people in both care homes and in their own house. There are a range of people our team care for who can no longer support themselves. This includes people who are:

  • Elderly
  • Suffering from Dementia & Alzheimer’s
  • Suffering from Sensory Loss Problems
  • Have Disabilities
  • Sleepwalkers

As home carers, it is our responsibility to look after all people who require help with day-to-day tasks both in and outside of their home. There are many tasks that someone could require assistance with and a home carer should always be able to help immediately with these tasks, making daily routines simple for the people we care for. Whilst every individual is different, just some of the tasks you could complete includes:

  • Food & Drink
  • Helping with Phone Calls
  • Medication
  • Moving & Positioning
  • Personal Hygiene Care (Washing, Dressing)
  • Record Keeping
  • Shopping

Whilst these tasks may seem simple to you and our carers, giving others the support they need is massive. Everyone we work with should have this support and becoming a home carer is a step any individual can take.

Why Become A Home Carer?

No matter what age you are, becoming a home carer is always an option. The role is not solely about helping others with day to day tasks, but being there for these people. As a home carer, the people you work with every day have incredible stories to share and having a home carer can make a big difference in their lives.

A role as a home carer can also help progression within the healthcare sector, being a great starting point. This is just one way to enter this industry and gain experience helping others. As a home carer, you are unlimited to who you may work with. This role means you will meet new people every day and make a positive impact on their lives. As a home carer, you can make big differences in many people’s lives, through helping with day to day tasks and offering your company to these people.

On The Job Training

Depending on what role you take up, Horizon Care Ltd offer a wide range of qualifications and training. We provide great support to all staff members, regardless of the role you take up within the business. Whilst your priority as a home carer is looking after a range of individuals in their homes and in care homes, on the job training is also available through apprenticeships, courses and our team. Some of the training and qualifications we have available include:

Whilst we will also complete induction training to ensure you are prepared for a role, there are several qualifications you can gain as a home carer. No matter what knowledge or experience you have in the past, this role can help you grow your career in the home care industry.

Apply Today

There are a range of roles available at Horizon Care Ltd, with home carer being a fantastic choice for anyone. If you are interested in this role or would like to have a look at the other jobs we have available, view our job vacancies page. You can apply today through our application form and we will always provide a fast response.

You can also contact our team today and call us on 01392 426 340 or email us at

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