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Below are some top tips on how to avoid carer burnout, how to take care of your mental health while at work and also how to make sure you deliver your best care levels at all times.

No home carer ever wants to reach their limit when caring for their patients and it is important here at Horizon Care Agency that everyone works at their own pace. With support for our carers being one of our leading priorities, we make sure all of our home carers are comfortable and far from burning out.

Home Care Check List

It is vital that all home carers have a checklist they follow when carrying out their duties. When we say checklist, we don’t necessarily mean the tasks you should be carrying out, but we mean the signs you should look out for in yourself to avoid carer burnout.

In order to keep your own wellbeing positive and your mental health in check while working long, challenging hours you will need to take care of yourself first. Below are a few pointers to check on while you carry out your caring role.

Feeling Appreciated

There may come times in your carer career where you will feel underappreciated and like your work is taken for granted. If you get to this point, we urge all carers to take a step back and look at the amazing work they are doing and the difference they are making to a patients’ life.

A carer often works with patients who are unable to communicate fully or say thank you for their services but believe us when we say all of your patients will be very thankful of the support you are providing them with. As soon as you accept this, your daily tasks will be highly rewarding within themselves and you will feel refreshed on every shift. Being a carer is a challenging but highly rewarding role and you should be proud to carry out your tasks every day.

Good Physical Health

It is so important that as a home carer, you keep your own physical health in good shape in order to provide your patients with the best level of care possible every time. If you are not at your peak physical performance when dealing with your patients, you could do more damage than good especially in lifting situations and personal care.

We don’t ask that all of our carers are Olympic medallists doing marathons every weekend, but we request that you are able to carry out the basic tasks needed to provide a patient with in-home care. Whether you choose the role of an enabler, support worker or senior support worker, physical health will be important in order to live up to expectations from your patients and their families.

Prioritise Carefully

When working with your patients it is important that you prioritise your tasks around their needs and not your own. If a certain routine works well for you, you need to make sure that it works well for your patients too and if it doesn’t, then you need to find a better solution.

Spread your responsibility when caring for your patients across the carers involved and make sure that your patient is at the forefront of all of your tasks. Working with each individual patients’ needs is your main priority and with Horizon Care Agency, all of our patients come first.

Get in Touch

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