Horizon Care Ltd Qualifications

Level 2 Health & Social Care Qualification

A level 2 qualification in health and social care requires you to work directly with our clients and assisting them in everything they need you for. This could include day-to-day tasks or helping them socialise in public and get involved with activities in the community.

There are several jobs available at Horizon Care which allow you to complete a level 2 qualification in the industry. We will try to find the most suitable option for you and one that you enjoy doing on a day-to-day basis and have good enthusiasm for.

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Care & Support Workers

Our care and support workers help with personal care of clients and help them to stay independent within their own home. In this role, we want you to give the person as much independence as possible to make their own choice, whilst encouraging them to be interactive.

Personal Assistant

We also require a personal assistant for clients who require greater support and need help with every aspect of their daily living independently. This could be through assisting with night and morning routines or any tasks throughout the day.


Our enablers will aim to offer reassurance and support to everyone who requires it, as well as being compassionate and caring towards clients at all times. We will help with toileting and general companionship for those who are housebound, disabled or need help staying mobile in their own home.

Ancillary Roles

This is a job that will be specific to helping the business run smoothly and taking care of the organisation, through cleaning, catering and all round maintenance.

What Roles Are Available?

We have many roles available and will try to help you fit in where we think you can excel.

All these roles come with the ability to receive a level 2 qualification and you will be fully trained in each aspect of the organisation to become a big part of the Horizon care team.

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If you live within Exeter and the surrounding areas, you can apply for a position caring and attending to the elderly, those with dementia or anyone with learning or physical disabilities, who need our support.