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“You Can Place Your Trust In Horizon Care Ltd”

If you are looking for a nursery to care for your children during the day, you can place your trust in Horizon Care Ltd to completely look after your loved ones. We understand that every child is different and we will allocate different members of staff to get to know each child and make them feel comfortable coming to nursery.

We also want to treat our staff members the right way, so we offer up to 65 hours FREE Childcare per month for staff members who have children aged from 3 months up to 3 years old. We encourage children of all ages to become independent and enjoy themselves whilst learning at Horizon Care.

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If you need a reliable but fun place to keep your young ones when you are not available, the do not hesitate to get in touch with Horizon Care Ltd. We look to build a great relationship between staff and children and are friendly and encouraging at all times.

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We understand that nobody is going to leave their children at a nursery when they do not have 100% trust in those people. We aim to encourage positive relationships between carers and children and allow multiple visits before deciding to choose Horizon Care to look after your child, as we realise this can be a very big decision.

The team will help children to develop their skills in basic subjects whilst involving them in activities that suit their interests and activities that they want to do and enjoy. Having a homely environment, we currently take 24 children but are always looking to expand to give as many people the opportunity to enjoy our nursery as possible.

All of us here are extremely hard working and will cater for 3-4-year-olds who want to join our nursery, as well as striving to accommodate for 30 hour offers coming into place in September 2017. Additionally, we run an after-school holiday club which is a lot of fun, from 3pm-6pm or 7am-6pm at weekends.

Horizon Childcare
Horizon Child Care
Horizon Care Nursery

Horizon is an amazing nursery. My son is 18 months old and is my third child I’ve placed in a nursery. Horizon is by far the best I’ve experienced. Every member of staff goes above and beyond for my son, not just his keyworker, who is amazing and my son adores her. They all make an effort to ensure he has a brilliant day, every day, and I love to find out what fun things he has been up to each day. I believe messy or wet play is imperative to a child’s development and I love that they have a great deal of fun there. Even today I was met with “sorry but his clothes got wet today playing”, to which I always reply “Brilliant! That means he’s had great fun and he’s been changed into his spare clean clothes - no problems at all!”
Exactly what childhood should be about - fun fun fun! They always encourage his development too with a daily planned activity and focus on skill development.
I have known Lydia, the manager, for about 5 years - she was my 2nd sons keyworker/manager when he was a baby, at a different setting, and we chose Horizon deliberately because of her. I have always viewed her as extremely professional yet very personable. She has always been helpful and supportive, and this filters strongly through the nursery.
Thank you to every member of staff for making his nursery life outstanding. I would recommend this nursery again and again.

Laura Maynard

My son started with Horizon when he’s was 7 months old (he’s now 18 months) and I immediately felt at ease! The staff were amazing and made me feel really confident with my choice of nursery. My son runs to the door when we arrive and always leaves looking like he’s had an amazing day. Could not thank the girls enough! 5*

Emma Fryer

Changed my LO to this nursery when it opened as he just wouldn't settle at the one I had him at. He would sob each morning begging me not to leave him. It has taken him just 2 weeks of 3 days for him to run in shouting bye!!! . He loves it there. The team are fantastic! I can honestly say he's HAPPY to spend the day with them.
Thank you for helping him settle in Horizon. And thank you for making it easier for me to leave him for the day xxx

Kerry Louise Herraghty

My daughter absolutely loves it here always leaves with a big smile. Staff are lovely and welcoming, would recommend to anyone.

Charlotte Baker

My little girl absolutely loves it! Lovely new nursery with Friendly, nice staff which puts your mind at ease!

Hayley Lewis

Hannah Radcliffe

Jade Nicole Lewis
Horizon Care

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