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Discover what home care really is with Exeter’s leading home care agency, Horizon Care Agency Ltd.

The thought of ‘home care’ can be interpreted as a variety of different meanings for anyone in the care industry or not. Here at Horizon Care Agency Ltd, we aim to make sure everyone is on the same page, delivering outstanding home care and keeping all of our clients comfortable in their own homes for as long as possible. Read more to find out what home care really means to us and our professional team.

So, What Is Home Care?

Home care as a definition is the act of a carer visiting a client in their home to assist with daily and regular activities. These activities can include various elements such as:

  • Personal hygiene (washing, dressing, showering)
  • Complex support with medication
  • General support with cleaning, meal preparation according to their dietary needs, linen changing, house cleanliness and laundry
  • Assisting clients out of the house and enabling them to carry on their normal duties with additional support

All care services from us in Exeter depend on what the client needs and are all tailored to suit our clients’ needs specifically. The NHS has lots of key information here regarding home help and agency support that are somewhat a ‘how to’ guide when choosing home care for yourself or a loved one.

Flexibility Is Key

We currently run on a flexible basis as to what best suits our clients’ needs and requirements. No set plan is in place on a wider basis and all care routines are carried out on a unique client basis every time. As home care has the ability to be as flexible as possible, we don’t have to follow the set guidelines or layout that a residential home may have to.

There is no set meal time, set meal menu, no set bedtimes and routines are based around what our clients enjoy doing the most.

Home Care To Suit Your Needs

Whatever our client’s needs are, whether they just need additional home care support or are looking for an enabler to assist with general companionship on a regular basis, we cater to their needs. You may also be looking to Horizon Care Agency Ltd for help with a loved one or a family member and as time goes on, their needs can change as well as yours which we will endeavour to accompany.

One example of how needs can change with home care is as follows. Your loved one may need our assistance with medication only as you take care of washing, laundry and general routines yourself. As time progresses and you find taking care of all the other tasks harder on yourself, you can turn to our team for more help with their washing and hygiene routines so that you don’t put yourself in more strain or danger. This is common within our care agency as clients’ needs develop and we always go above and beyond to ensure complete independence for as long as possible in the home.

We also work with specialists in the industry to ensure that all areas are covered when dealing with anyone that is disabled, those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s and those with sensory loss problems.

The Importance of Independence

Home care highlights the importance of independence at any age. With everyone having their own lifestyle routines, characteristics and personal preferences, independence is the one key element that runs consistently amongst everyone.

Having home help can give anyone the chance to carry out tasks they feel less comfortable doing on their own so that you can be comfortable in your home surroundings at all times. A lot of our clients love their own personal space but just need assistance in bathing and medication and because of this, we offer a wide range of services to ensure they get help where they need it most.

We also run all of our services under the Care Quality Commission which is the Independent Regulator of Health and Social Care in England. They make sure that all home care services are safe, effective and at the high-quality level all clients deserve, making Horizon Care Agency Ltd in Exeter someone you can trust.

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